Kenya is one of the most interesting and exciting expat destinations, but organising the move can be an intimidating process, with relocation, immigration and cultural barriers to overcome. This is where relocation businesses come in.

Relocation companies take an individualised approach based on the moving needs of their clients. This full suite of services includes immigration and visa services, school research and selection, home-finding services, lease negotiation and utility hook-ups.  Relocation firms can also also offer neighbourhood orientation and various settling-in services for those arriving in Kenya

Here is a list of some relocation companies that can assist any move to or from Kenya.

Relocation companies in Kenya

Local companies

kenya relocation

Nellions Moving and Relocation

Grospiron International, originally founded in 1840, offers national and international mobility services. Any client looking to move to or from Paris or elsewhere in France can find a range of services, including accommodation and rental management, visas and permits, schooling information, and shipping, packaging and insurance.


International companies

crown relocation company

Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations provides transportation, destination and immigration services, as well as family support, including as school search and pet relocation, to assist people relocating to Kenya. With experts working in Nairobi, they provide the support, guidance, care and the personal attention needed to ensure a successful and seamless move.


Santa Fe

Santa Fe Relocation

Santa Fe Relocation has over 50 years of experience providing comprehensive relocation services to both corporate and individual clients relocating to Kenya. As an international firm, Santa Fe Relocation has a strong understanding of what is required in a move and caters for a full spectrum of needs.