The cost of living in Libya is relatively cheap, especially if expats choose to prepare their own meals with local produce and avoid spending money eating out or purchasing Western food, gadgets and luxuries.

Expats should expect to pay unusually high prices for personal care items such as cosmetics and toiletries. As these are still relatively small expenses, it does not create a major dent in one's finances. Telephone rentals and internet connections are also on the expensive side for a country with a low cost of living. Again, these payments are not overwhelming when compared with larger expenses.

Transport, local groceries, furniture, appliances and clothing are all reasonably priced, and serve to keep day-to-day expenses for expats at a minimum. 

Cost of public transport in Libya

Public transport in Libya is limited to taxis and buses, and is very cheap. Many expats prefer to hire a car and driver on a wet lease. This means that fuel, servicing and the driver’s wages are all included.

Cost of electricity in Libya

Libya's political, economic and social crises have been having an effect on its electricity supply. It is not uncommon for electricity to be cut off unexpectedly. Some businesses and private citizens rely on generators to supply electricity, but this can be a big expense.

Expats should try and negotiate an accommodation allowance that covers the cost of utilities such as electricity and water.

Cost of internet and television in Libya

For personal internet use, the connection speed is quite slow and video streaming is a painful process in Libya. If working from home and in need of a connection for one's business, vast and microwave-based VoIP systems are available. This includes the cost of the modem, switch, router and antenna.

Cost of living in Libya chart 

Prices may vary depending on product and service provider. The list below shows average prices for Tripoli in January 2023.

Accommodation (monthly)

Three-bedroom apartment outside of city centre

LYD 1,300

Three-bedroom apartment in city centre

LYD 2,300

One-bedroom apartment outside of city centre

LYD 760

One-bedroom apartment in city centre

LYD 1,200


Milk (1 litre)

LYD 4.50

Dozen eggs

LYD 6.66

Rice (1kg)

LYD 5.02

Loaf of white bread

LYD 1.72

Chicken breasts (1kg)

LYD 18.91

Pack of cigarettes (Marlboro)

LYD 11.50

Eating out

Big Mac Meal

LYD 20

Coca-Cola (300ml)

LYD 2.57


LYD 2.73

Non-Alcoholic local beer (500ml)

LYD 4.77

Three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant

LYD 168


Mobile call rate (per minute)

LYD 0.26

Internet (uncapped ADSL or cable – average per month)

LYD 121

Basic utilities (average per month for standard household)

LYD 240


Taxi rate per km


City centre public transport

LYD 1.10

Petrol (per litre)

LYD 0.15