There are a few options for getting around the Cayman Islands, including buses, taxis and private cars. The islands are home to two international airports.

Expats will find that the roads are in good condition and that navigating the islands is relatively simple. Traffic drives on the left-hand side, and the easiest way to travel is by car.

Public transport in the Cayman Islands

Public transport in the Cayman Islands is not that extensive, but it suits the small population’s needs. Expats may be surprised to learn that ferries do not travel between the three islands because of how deep the water is. Private boats are available for hire to reach the other islands.


On Grand Cayman, a bus connects all the districts of the island. While there are some bus stops along major routes, one can flag down a passing point at any stage. Passengers can alert the driver when they need to get off. Expats should be aware that the buses look like shuttles rather than the domestic buses they may be used to.

Buses generally operate from 6am to 11pm on weekdays, with extended hours over the weekend. Depending on the location, buses leave every 10 to 20 minutes.

Taxis in the Cayman Islands

Taxis are available throughout the islands. Expats should note that taxis are not metered, but rather operate by fares set by the government. Conditions that affect the fare include – bad weather, late-night and early-morning trips, and commutes with more than three passengers. It is recommended that expats confirm the fare before getting into the taxi. Apps such as Uber and Lyft aren't available in the Cayman Islands, but the country has recently introduced the ride-sharing app, Flex.

Driving in the Cayman Islands

To legally drive on the islands, expats will need either a visitor’s permit or a valid international driving licence. If driving a privately owned car, expats need to visit the Vehicle and Drivers' Licensing Department. The paperwork required includes an expat’s passport and a domestic driving licence. A visitor’s permit will then be issued for the duration of one’s stay.

Scooters and mopeds can be rented on Grand Cayman and Little Cayman. Expats must wear helmets at all times when on a scooter or moped, and be cautious when changing lanes.

Cycling in the Cayman Islands

The well-maintained roads and naturally flat terrain of the islands make getting around by bike fairly easy. Bicycles can be rented along the beachfront. Expats should make sure to lock up their bicycles properly with a lock.