The Cayman Islands experiences a tropical marine climate, so expats can always expect warm weather. Temperatures rarely drop below 70°F (25°C) year round, and there are two main seasons: dry and wet.

The dry season lasts from November to April (winter), while the wet season lasts from May to October (summer). In addition, the hurricane season falls in the wet season, from June to November.

Dry season temperatures hover in the mid-70s (25°C). It is the most popular season on the islands because of the hot, sunny weather, but the humidity can be overwhelming and some find the heat oppressive.

Few people come in the rainy season, as possible hurricanes are a further deterrent during this time. Be that as it may, it is the warmest time of year and often reaches well above 90°F (30°C).

Expect thunderstorms, tropical rains and hurricanes come June/July. While severe hurricanes have caused property damage, flooding and power cuts, there has been little injury thanks to the effective storm warning systems, emergency services and disaster preparations on the islands. There have been earthquakes recently, but again little damage and no injuries have resulted.