Boston has a diverse economy, accompanied by a highly-educated population, which has attracted many top companies to the city. Despite the increasingly competitive job market in US cities, the demand for highly educated workers in Boston has seen a resurgence. 

Job market in Boston

Boston is a centre of education in the US and its universities and colleges are large contributors to Boston's economy. For expats qualified in education, Boston offers an attractive job market. These educational facilities have also put the city at the forefront of technology development, attracting major players in the technology industry to the city. 

Top employers in Boston include the biotechnology industry, higher education, healthcare (including research), and the finance and technology industries. Tourism and hospitality are significant sectors, while law enforcement and federal agencies are also large employers in the city. 

Expats with relevant experience and qualifications in these fields will likely find opportunities, although they should expect competition to be fierce.

Finding a job in Boston

For expats looking to work in Boston, there are numerous online job portal sites, and recruitment agencies to help with the process. The city's job market is, as mentioned, highly educated and very competitive, and many of the top employers look for candidates who stand out from their peers. To be successful in the workplace here, it is important that expats continuously upskill to stay ahead of the competition. 

Expats wanting to work in Boston should ensure that they have a relevant work permit for the USA.

Work culture in Boston

Boston is focused on highly-skilled knowledge-based jobs. Salaries are generally higher than the national average, although Boston also has a high cost of living

Boston very much falls in the work-hard-play-hard category and most employers reward their staff with substantial benefits and leave days. Boston employers also invest heavily in the continued education and training of their employees, which tends to limit staff turnover and promotes a healthy corporate culture.

Highly talented newcomers who work hard will stand out and be able to progress through the ranks.