As the third largest city in Ohio, Cincinnati offers many exciting things for residents to do in their free time. The city boasts numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs as well as theatre shows and shopping opportunities. With a diverse history, Cincinnati is refreshingly multi-cultured and is sure to have something for everyone.

Shopping in Cincinnati

Cincinnati features many eccentric markets and shops reflecting the culture of the people. Those looking for a unique experience should head to Jungle Jim's International Market. Known for its quirky goods, great selection of wine and beer, and international items, this shopper's paradise is well-frequented for its 'drink as you shop' policy. 

Cincinnati also has a number of shopping malls for new arrivals to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, including Kenwood Towne Centre, Rookwood Commons & Pavilion, and EastGate Mall. 

Eating out in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has a strong German heritage, influenced by European immigrants who settled in Ohio centuries ago. Street food has a distinctive Germanic flair, and many restaurants specialise in Bavarian cooking.

Two staple dishes in Cincinnati include 'Cincinnati Chili' – a Mediterranean-spiced meat sauce served over spaghetti or hot dogs – and 'Goetta', a dish composed of ground meat, oats and spices formed into a loaf which is then sliced and fried in butter.

There are also a number of fine-dining restaurants throughout Cincinnati, known for their quality cuisine.

Nightlife and entertainment in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has a vibrant nightlife and is home to many bars that offer craft beer, happy hour specials and late trading hours. 

It's also a haven for theatre buffs. The city boasts an engaging community of artists, educators and producers. New arrivals will be spoilt for choice in terms of professional plays, community theatre and everything in between all year round. 

Sporting and outdoor activities in Cincinnati 

Cincinnati ranks highly nationwide for its active lifestyle, boasting beautiful parks and landmarks like the mile-long Cincinnati Skywalk. There's also a wide assortment of green spaces for outdoorsy types to enjoy, whether it's for a quick run or a simple picnic. The city's iconic Ohio River also offers all sorts of fun water-based activities, from riverboating to kayaking and more.