New arrivals in Denver will find that the city offers plenty of activities to keep them occupied in their spare time. Whether they prefer interacting with the animal world at the city's zoo and aquarium, or just spending the day lazing in the sun at one of the city's parks, the Mile High City has something to suit everyone.

Recommended attractions in Denver 

Denver Zoo

This zoological garden covers an area of about 80 acres and is located in City Park. It is a popular attraction in Denver with over 2.2 million visitors each year. The Denver Zoo houses more than 4,000 animals from across the globe and is a fun-filled outing for the whole family. Denver Zoo practises conservation and aims to raise awareness about threats to biodiversity through educating their visitors. They have also been ranked as one of the most ethical zoos in the US. 

Denver Botanic Gardens

Newcomers with green fingers will find lots of gardening inspiration at the Botanic Gardens. Despite the dry climate found in Colorado, the gardens have one of the most diverse plant collections in North America, consisting of over 32,000 types of plant species. The gardens also provide a fabulous setting for a picnic or family day out, particularly in the summer when outdoor concerts are held in the amphitheatre.

Colorado State Capitol Building

A spectacular example of 19th-century classical architecture, complete with its distinctive gold-leaf-covered dome, Colorado's State Capitol is a must-see. The building is situated a full mile above sea level, lending Denver its nickname of the ‘Mile High City’. Visitors can tour the building, including the dome, and learn about the history of the Capitol and the city. 

Denver Art Museum

Art lovers will get the chance to admire collections consisting of more than 70,000 diverse works from throughout history and across the globe at the Denver Art Museum. The museum is especially well known for its excellent collection of Native American art. There are also imaginative hands-on exhibits and games to keep the little ones entertained.

Downtown Aquarium

A trip to the aquarium is a delight for the whole family. Young visitors can enjoy interactive experiences such as the touch pool and the old shipwreck while also learning about the 5,000 marine animals housed in the aquarium. Afterwards, families can enjoy a meal at the aquarium restaurant seated beside a 150,000-gallon tank filled with all sorts of sea creatures. The aquarium is committed to conservation and educating their visitors on the importance of being respectful to the world around them. They have partnered with many worthwhile organisations and assist in their efforts to preserve the natural environment.