Parents and kids new to Houston will fall in love with the city and its wide range of attractions designed specifically for families. Houston is incredibly child-friendly, both in terms of the infrastructure in place to support families and the activities on hand to entertain the little ones.

Parents in Houston

Despite being the fourth-largest city in the country, Houston offers parents many of the perks of a smaller, suburban community.

Housing and living costs are below the national average. Even families with a single breadwinner can often afford a more spacious home and better quality of life than they might be used to. Most families look for accommodation outside the city centre. And whether they settle into an exclusive neighbourhood like River Oaks, a planned community like Sugar Land or the villages of Woodlands, most have little trouble finding a safe neighbourhood that suits them.

Parents must evaluate the educational landscape of an area before they move. Attendance at public schools in Houston is based on where people live, so they'll want to choose accordingly since some school districts perform better than others. Traffic can be treacherous in this ever-expanding metropolis. Parents will want to choose an area with easy-to-reach amenities that's close to work and school.

Parents can also take comfort in the exemplary standards of healthcare in Houston. The Texas Medical Center (TMC) contains multiple nationally ranking institutions, and the Texas Children’s Hospital is internationally renowned. The city's medical professionals are top-notch and new arrivals only have to ensure they find appropriate health insurance to cover what can be high fees.

Kids in Houston

With its hot summers and mild winters, kids in Houston can spend most of the year exhausting themselves outside. And there's plenty to do indoors if the summer heat gets unbearable. One of the best things about living in the suburbs of Houston is that kids are likely to find playmates aplenty. Children can make friends fast, and more sociable kids often spend time playing games in their neighbours' yards and houses.

Parents can also sign up sporty children for one of the city's numerous youth athletic leagues. Nearly every sport is represented in some way, and teams are organised through churches, community centres and formal leagues – a fantastic way to introduce children to potential friends.

Houston also has plenty of attractions to keep children entertained on the weekends.

Entertainment for kids in Houston

Children's Museum of Houston 

Voted the number one children's museum in the US, the Children's Museum of Houston is a favourite for families with young kids. The museum is now bigger than ever, having undergone a recent expansion. Its 90,000 square feet are made up of permanent and changing interactive exhibits that will entertain the little ones for hours on end. 

Houston Zoo

This 55-acre lush zoological garden within Hermann Park is a fantastic opportunity for children of all ages and their parents to get acquainted with the natural world. Thousands of animals and special exhibits await those interested in mammals, reptiles, birds and more. The zoo hosts overnight events where kids and parents can interact with the zoo's animal ambassadors and enjoy a guided night hike. The Houston Zoo is committed to saving wildlife, as shown by the 45 conservation projects they run worldwide. 

Space Center Houston

The centre has a Kids Space Place where children can experience space just like an astronaut would. Children will learn about space and take part in fun activities that take them on an 'out-of-this-world' journey into the past, present and future of the US space programme. 

Galveston Bay

Just an hour from Houston, families can escape from the city's push and pull in Galveston Bay. They can rent a boat and spend the day water-skiing, tubing or just relaxing on the water. The Kemah Boardwalk also overlooks the Bay. With its host of thrilling rides and endless entertainment options, it is certainly a kids paradise. 

Express Children's Theatre

Express Children’s Theatre is a great place for children and their families to enjoy the performing arts.  The theatre creates innovative productions that honour the curiosity of young minds and celebrate Houston’s diverse culture.