Prospective residents of Jacksonville may be surprised to learn that this Sunshine State city has plenty to offer in terms of exciting job prospects across a wide range of industries.

Jacksonville is one of America’s thriving 'boom towns' – cities where rapid growth has led to the creation of new jobs which in turn have served to attract new residents to the area. Large numbers of young professionals find themselves drawn to Jacksonville for the mix of exciting job offerings teamed with a lifestyle that prioritises a healthy work-life balance.

Prominent employers in Jacksonville include Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Duval County Public Schools, as well as major healthcare companies such as Baptist Health and the Mayo Clinic.

Job market in Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s favourable location on the Atlantic Coast and along the St John’s River has been a key factor in the growth of the city’s economy. Historically, much of Jacksonville’s economic activity has centred around its large deepwater port, which has been instrumental in the USA’s automobile import industry.

Today, the city's largest employer is the US military owing to the numerous military bases in and around Jacksonville. Other major industries include financial services, biomedical technology, consumer goods, healthcare, education and manufacturing all play significant roles in Jacksonville's economy.

As the job market in Jacksonville is somewhat less competitive than those in more well-established economic hubs, Jacksonville is ideal for new arrivals looking for career progression. 

Salaries in Jacksonville may not be as enticing as those found elsewhere but, with a low cost of living, most people can afford to live well. Also, the fact that Jacksonville has managed to attract so many national and global companies has meant that people report having a high level of job security. 

Finding a job in Jacksonville

For those who aren’t moving to Jacksonville with a job offer in hand, the best place to start the search would be online. Most companies will list their job openings on their own website or on local job portals. Recruitment agents are also a good option. These professionals have unique insights into their specific industry and are well placed to link up qualified candidates with employers. 

Networking is another viable way to make business connections and get some insider tips on local industries and the job market in Jacksonville. This is also a great way for new arrivals to make friends and establish themselves in their new community. 

Work culture in Jacksonville

Generally speaking, the pace of life in Jacksonville is relatively relaxed in comparison to major US cities such as New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles. While success in the workplace is taken seriously in Jacksonville, this isn’t the sole focus. 

On the whole, new arrivals will find the workplace in Jacksonville to be less competitive than elsewhere. Many companies encourage their workers to have a healthy work-life balance and employ measures to ensure that people are happy at work. Depending on an individual company as well as the industry in question, flexible working hours and remote working are relatively common features in Jacksonville.