Minneapolis is an important business centre in the US Midwest. Once the world’s flour-milling and timber capital, Minneapolis today enjoys a diverse economy, with no particular dominant industry. The major sectors include finance, industry, healthcare, technology, education, government, food manufacturing and retail. Theatre and the arts are also important industries in Minneapolis.

Job market in Minneapolis

There are several major American and international companies headquartered or with a substantial presence in Minneapolis, and the city is home to more than ten Fortune 500 companies.

The typical Minnesotan wage is a few thousand dollars higher than the national average. Between this and the low cost of living in Minneapolis, most new arrivals find themselves able to enjoy a comfortable life in the Twin Cities.

Finding a job in Minneapolis

Minneapolis' job market is fairly healthy, with an unemployment rate lower than many other similarly sized cities. Still, foreigners may find it difficult to break into the job market in Minneapolis unless they move there with an employment contract in hand. Those looking for work in Minneapolis should get in touch with recruitment companies and scour online job portals such as LinkedIn. In addition to having the right skills and experience, foreigners intending to work in Minneapolis need to ensure that they have the correct work permit for the USA.

Work culture in Minneapolis

In Minneapolis, as in the rest of the US, status and age are generally obsolete and instead, merit, experience and past achievement are the vehicles for advancement. Companies can be egalitarian – to an extent – but ultimately big decisions and the proverbial buck stops with 'the boss'. Though many meetings may be had, and much discussion may have taken place, senior managers may disregard the opinions of those in middle- and lower-level positions entirely; a particularly infuriating point for those who come from consensus-oriented cultures. Those able to express their opinions clearly and in a straightforward manner will find they can command greater respect in Minnesotan business circles.