The city’s unique mixture of attractions and green spaces means that there's always something to see and do in Philadelphia. Culture lovers can enjoy the wealth of museums and historic landmarks in the city, and those with a taste for the bizarre will love attractions such as the Mütter Museum. Kids won’t feel left out either as the city has its fair share of child-friendly attractions too.

Popular attractions in Philadelphia

Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell with its distinctive crack is one of the most iconic symbols of American independence. The bell’s inscription, proclaiming liberty throughout the land and for all who live in it, became a rallying cry for abolitionists and then a symbol of national unity in the aftermath of the American Civil War. Throughout its history, it has inspired causes from women’s suffrage to civil rights.

Mütter Museum

Not for the faint of heart, the Mütter Museum houses a collection of unusual medical specimens, wax models and antique medical equipment. This includes slides of Albert Einstein’s brain, the mummy of the Soap Lady and the Hyrtl Skull Collection, which was used to debunk the idea that anatomy and race were linked to intelligence.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

One of the biggest art museums in the US, the Philadelphia Museum of Art was established in 1876 and houses more than 240,000 artefacts. There are collections from Asia, Europe and America, with works spanning centuries. The museum houses pieces by artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Dali, as well as more contemporary exhibitions.

Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo first opened in 1874. It was the first true zoo in the US. Home to nearly 1,300 animals, the Philadelphia Zoo is set in a 42-acre Victorian garden that welcomes over a million visitors every year. Visitors to this magnificent zoo will get a chance to see some of the rarest animals in the world. The zoo is committed to conservation, and displays this through their focus on animal welfare, providing quality lives for animals. They also provide experiences that aim to teach their visitors the importance of wildlife and habitat conservation. 

Please Touch Museum

The Please Touch Museum has been helping children learn in an interactive environment that celebrates imagination since 1976. The museum is divided into themed exhibition zones, each with its own activities, such as the Rocket Room, the Adventure Camp and the Imagination Playground. The museum also hosts events for the little ones.  

The Franklin Institute

Dating back to 1824, the Franklin Institute is one of the most prominent and entertaining centres of science education in the US. Operating in the same spirit of enquiry and discovery as its namesake, Benjamin Franklin, the museum has a variety of permanent and temporary exhibitions on display that will educate and entertain visitors of all ages.