Healthcare in Richmond, and indeed the US, remains a worry for a lot of residents. Former president Barack Obama made establishing affordable healthcare for all one of the key objectives of his presidency and, although he did some admirable work, it remains a muddled, contentious issue.

For those who have private medical insurance and comprehensive coverage, US medical facilities and treatment are world class. For those without insurance, healthcare can be mediocre at best and completely inaccessible at worst.

Major traumas can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and for those who can't afford it, medical treatment is limited. Emergency services must be provided by law to everyone, but patients can often expect to pay hefty fees afterwards.

We therefore recommend that newcomers and expats in Richmond get comprehensive medical insurance, with which they'll have access to excellent facilities, some of the best medical technology in the world and highly trained doctors and specialists. Other advantages include short waiting times for operations and specialists as well as competing medical services.

Pharmacies are available all over Richmond in grocery stores, department stores, hospitals and clinics, some staying open 24/7.

Richmondians are able to get almost all prescription medication at a pharmacy, though it can be quite expensive and all receipts should be kept in order to claim the costs from the health insurance provider.

Hospitals in Richmond

St. Mary's Hospital | Bon Secours

Address: 5801 Bremo Road, Richmond

VCU Medical Center Main Hospital

Address: 1250 E. Marshall Street, Richmond

Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

Address: 1602 Skipwith Rd, Richmond