The birthplace of California, expats moving to San Diego will find themselves in a city where history meets progress. Passing through Native American, Spanish and Mexican hands before becoming part of the United States, the city’s pioneer spirit can be felt blowing through the palm trees that line its sprawling streets. San Diego is known for its pleasant climate, seemingly endless miles of beaches and small-town atmosphere. 

The city is the economic centre of San Diego County as well as the border-defying San Diego-Tijuana metropolitan area. There are many strong industries that expats might find work in, including international trade, telecommunications, software, electronics, tourism, military-related activities and manufacturing. The city has also gained a reputation for its world-class healthcare facilities and cutting-edge biotechnology industry.

With a comprehensive public transport system consisting of buses, trains and trolleys, as well as well-designed highways, expats will have no problem getting around in San Diego.

It is a great city for children, with many options for public and private schooling as well as a range of activities and attractions to keep the whole family entertained. This includes famous destinations such as SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, Legoland California and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The city is also the home of exciting annual events such as the world-famous San Diego Comic-Con International.

Owing to its unique geography, spreading from inland valleys to the coast, there is a wide range of accommodation available to suit just about every taste and budget. This ranges from oceanfront mansions and rural estates to first-time-buyer condominiums and bachelor apartments.

Affording its residents a high quality of life in a setting that is friendly to business and the environment, San Diego is sure to provide a range of expats with a destination that they can happily call home.