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Updated 23 Dec 2020

Looking for an IB school in Singapore with affordable fees?

It may seem that international schools in Singapore, especially those with IB curriculum, are uniformly expensive. Expats who arrive new to the island city or those who are the first-time parents here might only be aware of a few international schools in Singapore that belong to a high-fee bracket and offer IB courses.

Since parents do not want to compromise on their child’s education, they often choose international schools with high tuition fees which seem to be of premium quality and offering the best education. But, a premium quality of education need not be always expensive. There are renowned international schools in Singapore that offer the IB Programme amidst the best infrastructure, but at a very affordable fee.

Do only high-fee international schools offer quality education?

School education is a sum of personality development, academic proficiency and the fostering of global outlook among students. If a school fits in all these parameters and is affordable at the same time then it’s probably the ideal choice for parents looking for premium education at an affordable fee. But are there any such international school in Singapore that offer 21st century education at a moderate fee?

Meet Global Indian International School

Global Indian International school, with its two campuses in Singapore, offers a Nextgen learning environment to its students. With a moderate school fee, which is almost 40 percent lower than other international schools in Singapore, the school offers a great value.

At the K-12 school, students can choose from a range of international curricula – IB Primary Years Programme, CBSE (Indian national curriculum), Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme, IGCSE or IB Diploma Programme. The best part is that, during primary and middle school, students enjoy the flexibility to switch to another curriculum that they feel is more suitable for them. A content-rich Chinese-English Bilingual Programme for Grades 1 to 5 offers the golden opportunity to primary school pupils to become bilingual in an early age and master the two most prominent business languages in the world.

The affordable fee at GIIS becomes yet more affordable for those who are deserving with merit scholarships available for those with exceptional talent in not only in the field of academics but also other fields such as sports, dance, music, art or other extracurricular activities.

GIIS students reap the benefits of technology in education by studying at the Asia’s first SMART Campus, a completely Nextgen campus where technology aids the learners in learning new-age skills and makes them fit to face the challenges of 21st century. Digital classrooms, skill-based studios and a sturdy safety infrastructure are a few components of the state-of-the-art SMART Campus.

To learn more about GIIS Singapore, check out the school’s website.