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Updated 22 Jan 2019

If expats want to learn Norwegian, there are several books, CDs and other language programmes available in bookstores, at the library or in schools.

Norwegian is a Germanic language and is known for its “sing-song” intonation. Knowing how to speak Norwegian is certainly helpful when doing business and when socialising with Norwegians, who use a lot of humour that cannot be translated into English.

The Norwegian Government Sponsored Language Scheme is a free programme for foreign residents in Norway with a residence permit valid for more than three months and employed by a Norwegian (not foreign) company.

Some universities offer beginner courses (that is, not university-level Norwegian) for foreign exchange students or expats, and new arrivals could enquire at a local university about what options are available. However, adult learning centres are the most common institutions to approach for a language course. 

Norwegian classes for foreigners in Oslo:


International company offering short group and individual courses.

Language Power International

Offers language courses for small groups or individuals, depending on level.

International Language School Norway

Offers tailor-made courses in most languages, including Norwegian.


Offers adult learning courses at hundreds of participating municipalities and institutions across Norway. Courses offered are at different levels and include courses on Norwegian culture.