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Updated 4 May 2015

Relocation is a challenge in itself. Add your children to the equation and it’s a whole new ball game. Finding a British curriculum school may be a primary factor in your decision on where you relocate, and even then, you may question whether it is the best education on offer to your child in that country.

Have you considered a British boarding school in the UK?

Established boarding schools in the UK continue to provide opportunities for every child and remain among the best schools in the world. They offer environments in which children learn from first hand experiences and qualified and dedicated teachers don’t intervene with a child’s thought process but instead support and nurture it. Students can safely study wildlife in its natural habitat here and participate in the design and build of wind turbines with engineering professionals such as Rolls Royce. The British schools offer a balanced, hands-on education from which every child can find their passion in life.
I have worked with British independent boarding schools for many years now and I have met with expat children whose parents live in the Middle East, Singapore, Nigeria and Hong Kong, among other places. They are outstanding young people with a global outlook on life, set to achieve great things. They thrive on the independence they are given and have this incredible desire to make the most of every opportunity presented to them. They chat frequently on Skype to their families and visit them every holiday. They know that the next two to five years of their lives are key to the success of their futures and after that, the world is their oyster. They will never forget that their Mum and Dad made this possible for them.

Where do I start?

Researching schools is a time consuming and costly affair. You can wade through websites, magazines and prospectuses galore but you won’t get to know the school as well as if you actually spoke with them.  But to speak to every school would take just as long, so how do you quickly create a suitable schools shortlist?

Which British School (WBS)

If you would like to send your child to a boarding school in the UK, you can now register them on Which British School, a new interactive online platform for parents seeking the ideal school for their children.

WBS works with prestigious boarding schools across the country. It is a complex system that delivers your child’s details to all suitable schools based upon their year of entry, the course they wish to study, location, and entry requirements. The interested schools will contact you directly to discuss your child further and to tell you what their school has to offer.  This method saves you hours of researching the wrong schools and gives you back valuable time to spend talking to the right ones.

You may wish to seek expert advice from an Educational Consultant when you have schools to consider. WBS works closely with Ian McLean, a highly trusted and experienced consultant whose knowledge of boarding school life around the world provides valuable advice and guidance.