The best places to live in Sydney

In a vast sprawling city such as Sydney, deciding where to live as a new expat is not a simple task. Before beginning their search for accommodation, expats should take the time to consider their options, keeping their main priorities in mind, and then decide on the area suitable for their new home.

Much of the decision on where to live in Sydney will depend on one's lifestyle, family and personal preferences. With a wide array of diverse areas, the city has a housing option to suit a range of tastes and budgets. 

City living in Sydney


Sydney is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city and there are a lot of city-living options on offer. However, space is hard to come by in popular parts of the city, so expect to pay more if choosing to live centrally.

The Rocks

This area is close to the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is a great location with some of Sydney’s best restaurants, bars and nightlife just a hop and a skip away. This part of town is scenic and has a fun, laid-back feel to it. The area is best suited to young professionals who enjoy the buzz of city life or business executives who want to be located close to the city centre for work purposes.

Potts Point

Potts Point is a lively and central place to live, just a few kilometres from the CBD. Apartments in these areas often have stunning views across Sydney Harbour. Residents will be right in the middle of town and surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops and will have access to good public transport links.

One could hardly ask for a better situated area for convenience, amenities and beauty, and this is reflected in the housing prices. Accommodation here is on the pricey side, but for those who can afford it Potts Point is a great choice.


Newtown is a bohemian area of Sydney and is the perfect place for single expats or couples on a budget. It is a colourful and unconventional area with an eclectic host of restaurants, bars, theatres and clubs. The streets are full of vintage fashion boutiques, music stores, specialist bookshops and antique stores.

Although it looks a little rundown in parts, this is all part of the Newtown charm. It is decidedly cosmopolitan and highly popular with young expats.

Family-friendly areas in Sydney

Manly Beach

Thanks to Sydney’s glorious weather, sublime beaches and wide open spaces, it is a great place for expats relocating with children. Expats moving to Sydney with a family will naturally want to consider their child’s schooling options before making a decision on where to live. It’s important to note that many public schools in Australia only offer places to students living within a particular catchment area.


Suburbs located near the northern beaches of Sydney are popular with expat families, especially those from the UK or New Zealand. Areas like Manly are great for expats with children as they are close to some stunning beaches as well as a number of Sydney’s top private and public schools. Public transport links to the city are good in these areas with regular bus, train and ferry services in operation.


Parramatta is a lively but family-friendly area for those relocating to Sydney with children. Properties here are large and inexpensive compared to many other Sydney suburbs, and there are a number of good schools in the area. There are lots of wide open spaces to enjoy the outdoors with the family. These suburbs are serviced well by train and bus services.


Blacktown in western Sydney is a family-friendly area with lots of community facilities and schools. This area also has plenty of shopping and entertainment facilities to keep the whole family busy. With good public transport links and close proximity to major highways, commuting to the city centre is easy.