Medicare, Australia's publicly-funded universal healthcare insurance scheme, is available to citizens and permanent visa holders in Australia, as well as New Zealanders living in Australia. This covers, or largely subsidises, treatment by general practitioners and hospitals.

Temporary residents living in Sydney will not be eligible to utilise Medicare and will have to invest in their own private health insurance. In the same vein, even permanent resident expats may prefer to have private health insurance to cover the cost of private medical treatments. Eligible expats should check what is covered by Medicare to see if they would benefit from additional private insurance.

Below is a list of reputable hospitals in Sydney.

Hospitals in Sydney

Balmain Hospital
Address: 29 Booth Street, Balmain

Macquarie University Hospital
Address: 3 Technology Place, Macquarie University

Mater Hospital
Address: 25 Rocklands Road, North Sydney

Sydney Children's Hospital
Address: High Street, Randwick