Address: Clifford Estates, Panyu, Guangzhou 511495
Telephone: +86 20 8471 8273
Gender: Co-educational
Teaching language: English
Curriculum: Canadian (Manitoba)
Ages: 3 to 18


The Clifford International School is regularly singled out as one of the top international schools in Guangzhou. Situated in the popular Clifford Estates residential complex in Panyu, the school has attracted both local and international students since 2002. Currently, the school has 600 students of more than 40 nationalities, over 60 percent of whom use the boarding facilities.

What the school says

“Our school sticks to 'face the modernisation, face the world, face the future' as our operating principles. We keep evolving an education system that is oriented to the development of the students and we try every means possible to be in line with international education best-practice. We’ve adopted Western education philosophy and methodology and incorporated the best of both Western and Chinese education models, all in the pursuit of a quality educational service for our students.”


The school follows a Canadian curriculum, accredited by the department of education in Manitoba, and high school students graduate with a Manitoba High School diploma.


For the 2022/2023 academic year, fees range from RMB 106,500 for Elementary to RMB 140,500 for Senior High. Extra fees apply for school uniforms and bus transport.

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