Modern New Delhi, just south of the old and original city, has the same multifarious characteristics that the Indian capital has held for several thousand years. Expats moving to Delhi, a metropolis said to have been built on seven ancient cities, will discover a tangle of crowded streets, diverse languages and beautiful architecture. The megacity teems with different industries and cultures, which add to the eclectic nature and community of the centre.

Delhi's economy has been growing and the modern skyscrapers and robust industries look like they are trying to leave a less-developed India behind. Home to India's busiest and largest metro rail system, the public transport system in the city and around the National Capital Region, though far from perfect, is continuously improving and is testament to this development. Meanwhile, the accelerated growth of Delhi's key industries, including IT and telecommunications, face a high demand for experienced employees, many of whom are recruited from abroad.

The differences in culture in Delhi can feel confusing and alienating for some expats while seeming wonderfully multicultural and accepting for others. Perhaps more than any other major expat city, Delhi has no single culture expats must conform to. Instead, this is a city that contours around one's needs. New city development is often luxury Western-style accommodation and expats often find businesses eager to adopt a Western management style.

Expats living in Delhi can appreciate a cost of living that is surprisingly reasonable, especially in comparison to Mumbai. Expats will find that they can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in New Delhi with access to luxuries they would not be accustomed to at home for just a fraction of the cost. There are also good facilities available in the form of private healthcare options and international schools.

Ultimately, given the pros and cons of living and working in Delhi, expats will need to approach the city with an open mind. Those that do are sure to find that Delhi offers the unique beauty and diversity of a quintessentially Indian experience alongside the excitement and fast pace of living in a big city.