Expats considering working in Mumbai can look forward to a city driven by growth and creativity. As the commercial capital of India, Mumbai is the seat of some important financial institutions, and many multinational corporations choose to base their Indian operations there. Home to Bollywood, Mumbai is also India's entertainment capital and a major fashion centre.

Whatever line of work a job seeker is searching for, they may very well land a job in Mumbai. Here's more on the job market and how to find work in the city.

Job market in Mumbai

Mumbai is a major business-, entertainment- and fashion centre in India. Over the years, the job market has diversified and evolved. As an entertainment and fashion hub, Mumbai is the heart of the Bollywood film industry and has a history as a textile centre.

As a commercial hub, Mumbai is home to India's largest stock exchange and generates a large portion of the country's foreign trade. Jobs in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) industry abound, attracting skilled and qualified expats.

Large numbers of foreign multinationals and Indian-owned companies base operations in Mumbai and take advantage of the educated, English-speaking local workforce. These companies often recruit expats to help train local Indian staff and share their knowledge and expertise with them. Naturally, such positions are usually temporary as the aim is eventually for the company to be run locally.

The service industry sector caters to the city's large population, which is becoming increasingly affluent. Mumbai's large healthcare sector not only caters for but also employs expats. Engineering and design companies often work in tandem with firms from overseas, bringing in foreign workers.

Finding a job in Mumbai

Many expats working in Mumbai are transferred by their home-country employer, particularly in the banking, financial services and insurance sector. While these expats will already have a job in place, others interested in moving to Mumbai must research the employment market and how to secure a job.

Online job portals, such as Placement India, Monster India and Adzuna, are often the best way of searching for a job, and company websites frequently have listings of the latest vacancies too. Relocation companies and specialist recruitment agencies can also be a great source of information and tips on how to secure employment in Mumbai.

When searching for work in Mumbai, we recommend expats also research the appropriate visa they would require.

Work culture in Mumbai

Despite the influence of international firms with their Western style of business, there are still notable differences between the work culture in Mumbai and what expats might be used to back home. Business structures in Mumbai remain hierarchical, and this may take some getting used to for those who come from places where business is carried out in a more egalitarian way.

Competition for jobs is fierce among the locals working in Mumbai, both to get and keep a job. Employees often put in long hours and overtime to show their dedication to their work, and expats may need to adjust their schedules to their company's typical working hours.

Forming solid relationships in the workplace will be central to an expat having a successful career in Mumbai. Expats should take the time to get to know their Indian colleagues and accept any invitation to join them for social occasions. Expats should also note that, when communicating, negative responses may not be expressed directly. Rather than saying "no", a response could be "I’ll see what I can do" or "let me double-check this", even if they are aware they cannot realistically grant the request.