The process for acquiring a work permit for Indonesia can be difficult as the rules change frequently.

Most expats who are being transferred to Indonesia by their current company, or who have already secured a job in Indonesia before leaving home, will find that their employer will undertake most of the work permit application process on their behalf.

Getting a work permit for Indonesia

It is not advisable for expats to just arrive in Indonesia with the hope of finding a job. It is best to arrange a job and a sponsor before arriving in the country. The employer usually acts as the sponsor of the visa and, generally speaking, the company will sort out the paperwork and have agents who deal with the immigration office on behalf of the applicant.

The company must apply for government approval in order to hire a foreigner. Once the company has approval, they can apply for a work permit for their potential employee. Indonesian companies can only employ a certain number of foreigners, and can only employ foreigners who have specialised skills that aren't found in the local population.

To live in Indonesia, expats will need an ITAS (limited stay permit). The permit's length of validity depends on individual circumstances but will typically range from six months to one year's validity. The ITAS can be renewed up to four times for the same time period it was initially granted for. After five years, expats will be eligible for a KITAP (permanent stay permit).

*Visa and work permit regulations are subject to change at short notice and expats should contact their respective embassy or consulate for the latest details.