Most expats will require a visa to enter Myanmar, and citizens of 100 countries can apply for one through Myanmar’s e-visa portal. Visa-free travel is available for 14 and 28 days respectively for passport holders from eight Southeast Asian countries, including Singapore, Japan and China.

Myanmar offers business, tourist and express visas for visitors, and new arrivals from a select number of countries are eligible to apply for visas on arrival at international airports in the country. 

Visit visas for Myanmar

Foreign nationals travelling to Myanmar for leisure can apply for a 28-day single-entry tourist visa, either at an embassy in their home country or digitally through the country's e-tourist visa system. Applicants must present a passport that is valid for at least six months, as well as proof of insurance, accommodation and a return ticket.

Expats looking to journey to Myanmar for commercial purposes are eligible to apply for a business visa, which is valid for a visit of up to 70 days within three months of being issued. Businesspeople will need to submit an invitation letter from a registered Myanmar company along with their application.

An express tourist visa is perfect for travellers who need to enter Myanmar within 48 hours. The express visa is typically processed within one to eight hours of application, although applicants will have to pay slightly more than they would for a standard visa.

Residence permits for Myanmar

New arrivals intending to live and work in Myanmar must secure a stay permit, and this can be a taxing process involving multiple government agencies. A stay permit allows foreigners to live and work in Myanmar. 

First-time applicants will enter the country on a business visa and then apply for a stay permit, which is typically granted for an initial six months. Expats working for a Myanmar enterprise will need to have their employer secure recommendation letters from the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Immigration and Population to submit along with their stay permit application.

Thereafter, expats can apply for a 12-month stay permit, which will be assessed on an individual basis.

*Visa regulations are subject to change at short notice, and expats should contact their respective embassy or consulate for the latest details.