Expats will require work permits in Myanmar if they intend to live and take up employment in the country. A stay permit must also be acquired. Rules and regulations frequently change, so it's always best to consult with an embassy to ensure the proper steps are followed.

Applying for a work permit in Myanmar

Foreign nationals intending to apply for a work permit must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in good health
  • Hold a regionally or internationally recognised degree in their field to prove their expertise
  • Submit a recommendation letter from their employer

The application processing time can take anywhere between seven days to a month.

Work permits in Myanmar are issued through foreign businesses that want to employ expats with technical or managerial skills. Companies must hold an investment permit and receive an endorsement from the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) allowing them to employ foreign workers.

Foreign employees will need to hold a Stay Permit and a Multiple-Journey Special Re-entry Visa to stay in Myanmar for more than 70 days. This will allow them to leave and re-enter the country during their stay. The Stay Permit is valid for one year, so new arrivals will have to renew their work and stay permits annually.

Newcomers who will be in Myanmar for more than 90 days are also obligated to register their presence with the registration office in their local area. The Immigration and National Registration Department will issue the newcomer a Foreigner Registration Card (FRC), which is typically valid for a year.

*Visa and work permit regulations are subject to change at short notice, and expats should contact their nearest Myanmar embassy or consulate for the latest information.