New Zealand's climate is generally temperate, with mild temperatures, moderate rainfall and plenty of sunshine. However, the climate can vary significantly depending on where in the country you are.

The North Island tends to be warmer and more humid than the South Island, while coastal areas tend to be milder than inland. The country is also known for its fluctuating weather patterns, which can bring sudden changes in temperature and weather conditions.

New Zealand is typically wetter than nearby Australia, with higher average rainfall across the country. Overall, the weather in New Zealand is largely milder and more stable than in many other parts of the world, making it a popular destination for expats seeking a comfortable and pleasant climate.

Auckland has a frequently warm and wet, almost subtropical, climate. Summers are humid, while winters are clement and rainy. Tropical cyclones occasionally occur, and cold fronts are not uncommon in the colder months.

Wellington is known for its windy and moderate climate. Temperatures seldom exceed 64°F (18°C), and won't drop much below 47°F (8°C), even in June, which is typically the coldest month.

Queenstown has some of New Zealand's best weather. It has an oceanic climate, with snowy winters and blue skies, while summers bring fresh, warm days.

Christchurch enjoys a dry and temperate climate, with hot summers and manageably modest winters. While winters offer clear, crisp days, and freezing nights, Christchurch does experience some smog and year-round rain.