Expats moving to the Channel Islands may be surprised to learn that finding and arranging accommodation is often a complicated matter involving a lot of red tape.

Types of accommodation in Channel Islands

Housing is restricted in both Guernsey and Jersey and housing permits are often granted only to expats who will fill skills gaps in the local markets, or bring important revenue to the islands.

Expats who can't obtain a government-issued housing permit are limited to living in boarding houses, tourist accommodation or lodging in private homes. Those who have a housing permit are eligible to rent or buy a home in the Channel Islands.

Finding accommodation in Channel Islands

Because accommodation and space are limited on the islands, demand for housing is incredibly high, and this makes it even harder for expats to find a place to live in the Channel Islands.

Laws governing foreigners’ rights to rent or buy property also differ from one island to the next. For this reason, expats are advised to contact an estate agent, immigration specialist or property lawyer based in the Channel Islands to ensure they find a suitable home with minimal hassle.