Thanks to the favourable tax climate, the Channel Islands are an excellent place to set up a business for expats. British and French customs heavily influence the business culture on the islands.

Fast facts

Business language

English and less frequently French.

Business hours

Typically, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, with an hour for lunch. 


Expats should avoid addressing colleagues by their first names until asked to do so. Correct use of titles is important too.


Businesspeople in the Channel Islands tend to dress professionally and conservatively, but the exact dress code differs between companies.


Bringing a small gift like flowers or chocolates is polite when invited to a colleague's home.

Business culture in Channel Islands

Expats familiar with the business culture in the UK or France will notice many similarities when doing business in the Channel Islands.

Management style

As with many corporations in the United Kingdom, most businesses in the Channel Islands have a hierarchical structure, with the most significant decisions made at the highest levels. Employees lower in the hierarchy are expected to carry out orders without giving much input. That said, some companies are moving towards a more egalitarian approach to management, where all employees are invited and encouraged to weigh in during major business discussions.

Communication style

It is cardinal for expats working in the Channel Islands to be tactful in all their business dealings. Delicacy and finesse are valuable tools for expats to use when adjusting to their new business culture.