There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move a little easier.

Marisa Tishner, an American, relocated to Germany in 2014 with her pug. She provides insight on the best place to live, her adjustment to the culture and how it compares to the States. Follow her on Twitter @mltishner for witty posts and commentary on German life.  About Marisa Q: Where… Read more
Katlin Gamache and her family moved from America to the small city of Kaiserslautern in the southwest of Germany some 18 months ago. She says that even though it took her a while to settle into her new home, Germany is a fantastic country for expats to relocate to - and that every village, town and… Read more
Moving to Germany for a temporary stay can bear some unforeseen challenges. Since approximately 50 percent of Germans rent their living space – and taking into consideration that your stay is limited – you wouldn’t really consider buying a house or an apartment. Nonetheless, there are certain… Read more
John Roman is an American expat living in Germany. He moved to the town of Bielefeld to join his German partner and is now working in the marketing and communications industry. About John  Q: Where are you originally from?  A: Cleveland, Ohio in the USA Q: Where are you living now… Read more
Germans tend to be overly cautious, and healthcare in Germany reflects this fact. Generally, locals and expats report that this central European nation offers good primary health care, good hospitals and also capable dentists. Medical professionals commonly speak English, though different levels… Read more
Samantha Ley is an American who moved to Germany with her husband when he received a post at the university in Bielefeld, a small cosy town in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe Region. She teaches English and is working as a freelance writer and editor. Read more about the country in the Expat Arrivals guide… Read more
Ana Karenina Pera is a Chemical Engineer living in Stuttgart, Germany. She says she is blessed with a very wonderful husband and an adorable little girl, and although only a recent expat to Stuttgart, is loving the experience so far. Ana blogs about her experiences… Read more
Andrea White is from the USA but has been living in Wachtberg, Bonn, Germany for three and half years. She, her husband and 2 children relocated for her husband's job. Andrea enjoys writing, is a passionate reader, loves music, travelling, cooking, cycling and hanging out with her kids. Her blog… Read more