When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real life stories and experiences from other expats who have lived there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Germany and would like to share your story.

Marisa Tishner is American who transferred to Germany with her pug to be closer to her soon-to-be spouse. She shares her experiences, advice and insight about living in Germany, how to make friends and how it compares to life in the States. Read her expat experience in Germany here. 

Katlin Gamache and her family moved from America to the small city of Kaiserslautern in the southwest of Germany. She says that even though it took her a while to settle into her new home, Germany is a fantastic country for expats to relocate to – and that every village, town and city has something special to offer new arrivals. Read more about her expat experiences in Germany.

Phil Southward is a New Zealander who moved to Munich in Germany some 14 years ago, after meeting his German wife. His experiences of being an expat for more than a decade led him to write a book, called The Soaring Kiwi and the Sauerkraut, about the funny things that happen when trying to adjust to life in a new country. Read more about his expat experiences in Munich.

John Roman is an American expat living in Germany. He moved to the town of Bielefeld to join his German partner and now working in the marketing and communications industry. Read more about his expat experience in Germany.

John is an American expat living in Germany

Yolande is originally from Singapore. Before moving to Frankfurt four months ago, she spent two years in Oxford, UK. She loves the cosmopolitan vibe of Frankfurt and the simplicity of getting around the city. Read more about her expat experience in Frankfurt.

Jenni is originally from Melbourne, Australia, and has been living and working in Berlin for the past five years. Although Germany is such a huge distance from her home country and family, in this day and age, Skype, email and text message mean that they are never too far away. Read about her expat life in Germany.

Samantha is an American who moved to Germany with her husband when he received a post at the university in Bielefeld, a small cosy town in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe Region. She teaches English and is working as a freelance writer and editor. Read about her expat experience in Germany.

Andrea is from the USA but has been living in Wachtberg, Bonn, Germany for three and half years. She, her husband and two children relocated for her husband's job. Andrea enjoys writing, is a passionate reader, loves music, travelling, cooking, cycling and hanging out with her kids. Read about her expat experiences in Germany.