Expats can choose to buy or rent a property in Gibraltar, but many opt to rent because of the short-term nature of their assignments. Due to limited space, there is a high demand for housing in Gibraltar, prices are high, and the few new developments are mostly highly sought-after luxury units.

Many expats choose to live on the Spanish side of the border, in particular in Sotogrande, an upmarket resort town 15.5 miles (24 km) up the coast from Gibraltar. 

Types of accommodation in Gibraltar

The undersupplied market means that it can take a while to find somewhere to live. But given time and determination, expats moving to Gibraltar will be able to find a home that suits their lifestyle and needs.

Properties range from studio flats and townhouses to large standalone houses and villas. It is possible to rent both furnished and unfurnished properties. Many apartment blocks have shared facilities such as swimming pools and laundry rooms.

Finding accommodation in Gibraltar

Expats looking to rent or buy a property in Gibraltar have a number of options when it comes to finding the perfect home. Online property portals are a good place to start, as are the classifieds sections of local publications, for those who are already in Gibraltar. Expats can also approach a local real-estate agent to help navigate the sometimes difficult process of finding and securing housing. 

Renting accommodation in Gibraltar

Once an expat has found the right property, they will need to pay a deposit (usually equivalent to one or two months of rent) as well as the first month's rent in advance. They may also be required to provide references and proof of income to the prospective landlord or estate agent. 

Most rental contracts are signed for a year and are renewable. At the end of the lease, the deposit is returned in full as long as the property is returned in a good condition.