With a somewhat more temperate climate, Dublin sees slightly less rainfall than the rest of Ireland. Expats moving here shouldn’t get too excited, though: winters are still exceptionally soggy, and drizzly rainfall is infuriatingly common all year round.

The wettest month, October, averages three inches (76mm) of rainfall. Summers are cool and pleasant, with temperatures in July peaking at around 68°F (20°C). May and June see the most sunshine, which we recommend expats take full advantage of by exploring the Emerald Isle and its spectacularly verdant scenery. 

Winters, apart from being drenched, are relatively mild, with the mercury rarely dropping to freezing point. Snow is unlikely, although a few flurries have been known to occur. But fortunately, Dublin, like the rest of Ireland, experiences few temperature extremes. 

We would say the best time to visit Dublin is in the warm summer months between May and August. February receives the least rainfall on average but it is almost impossible not to experience at least some rain in Dublin.

A lot of Dublin expats opt to take a few weeks off during the miserably wet winters and swap the soaked dales of Ireland for the sun-soaked beaches of Spain.