Malta has an industrialised and service-based economy with several robust sectors. Expats working in Malta will find themselves conveniently located between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This strategic position attracts foreign companies and investors, who are a source of employment for expats.

Job market in Malta

Malta's economy largely depends on foreign trade, manufacturing, tourism, IT, online gaming and financial services. There is also a growing film industry, with many well-known movies being filmed in Malta. It also houses one of the largest merchant marine fleets in the world, which attracts international shipping companies with favourable legislation and low taxes.

Most expats who do not speak Maltese end up working in IT, internet gaming and at call centres or setting up businesses in the country. Smaller companies prefer local candidates who demand lower salaries and do not need to adapt to the local culture as much, while corporations often hire from abroad. Another possible avenue for expats is to work for a Maltese company with foreign interests.

Finding a job in Malta

Although it is easier for EU citizens to find work in Malta, expats from other countries may experience some challenges. These foreign nationals require a Maltese work permit, which they are eligible for only after securing a local job offer. Permit requirements for third-country nationals (TCN) include, possessing scarce skills and working in a sector experiencing labour shortages.

Jobseekers in Malta should start the search online or consider working with a recruitment agency. Organisations such as the Malta Chamber of Commerce host seminars and gatherings, which are good platforms for networking.

Working culture in Malta

The working week in Malta is different across industries, but a standard 8am to 5pm workday is common. Overall, Malta's working culture is similar to that of the UK or the USA. Preparedness and punctuality are valued, and meetings may skew towards formality.

After work, the Maltese are social and often grab drinks with co-workers. Expats should expect frequent invites and accept if possible, as this is a great way to make friends and assimilate into a new environment.