For expats new to the city, meeting people in Oslo can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, there are many clubs and societies for expats to meet other expats and locals, which will help smooth the transition into Norwegian society. The workplace is also an important place to meet others and make connections, and learn about Norwegian culture and customs.

Networking in Oslo

Networking is essential in a small community such as Oslo, especially in business. Often, business relationships, hiring, investment and sales are influenced by one’s professional and personal networks.

There are many opportunities for networking in Oslo, especially within the international community. Embassies, national organisations and Chambers of Commerce can be good places to look for clubs or organisations to get involved in. Most of these groups have monthly meetings for members, and one is welcome to join as a visitor.

Below are some of the clubs and societies that expats in Oslo can join.


The American Women's Club of Oslo (AWC Oslo) is involved in social and philanthropic activities. The club also provides an opportunity for American women to connect, network and socialise while living in Oslo.


The International Club Oslo Norway (ICON) is open to anyone looking for advice and support about living in Oslo and its surroundings. The club also offers a variety of organised activities, and they raise funds for local and international charities.


Norway International Network (NIN) is an association that focuses on building a social and professional network among its members. Monthly meetings include guest speakers that share insight about assimilation in Norway.

PWN Norway

Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Norway is a leading Norwegian membership organisation providing a resource for professional women. The club is dedicated to helping women enhance their careers and businesses while offering networking opportunities.