While expats will find both public and private healthcare options available in Kraków, it is worth investing in some form of private health insurance as costs can quickly add up.

EU citizens can use their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to access state healthcare here during a short-term visit. UK citizens can make use of their Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC), which replaced the EHIC for UK citizens post-Brexit.

Public healthcare in Poland is adequate, but most people who can afford to do so utilise the private system, which affords them better facilities and shorter waiting periods.

Although medical facilities on offer in Kraków are of a decent standard, they are perhaps not quite up to those found in Western Europe or North America.

Here is a list of the most prominent healthcare facilities in Kraków.

Hospitals in Kraków

John Paul II Hospital

Website: www.szpitaljp2.krakow.pl
Address: Prądnicka 80, 31-202 Kraków

Josef Dietla Specialist Hospital

Website: www.szpitaldietla.pl
Address: Skarbowa 4, 31-121 Kraków

Brothers Hospitallers Hospital

Website: www.bonifratrzy.pl/szpital-krakow
Address: Trynitarska 11, 31-061 Kraków

University Hospital Kraków

Website: www.su.krakow.pl
Address: Macieja Jakubowskiego 2, 30-688 Kraków