There are several great festivals and events in Bucharest that showcase Romanian culture and history, so expats definitely won’t be lacking entertainment in this Eastern European capital.

Here are some of the popular events in Bucharest.

Annual events in Bucharest

Bucharest Street Food Festival (April) 

Gourmands living in Bucharest will not want to miss the opportunity to have their taste buds tantalised at the Bucharest Street Food Festival. Expats can sample a taste of home on Kiseleff Boulevard, where food trucks selling all types of international fare converge and bring a vibrant festival atmosphere. 

Bucharest Pride (May/June)

Honouring LGBTQIA+ rights, the Bucharest Pride is a week-long celebration with various festivities taking place across the city. These include film screenings, art exhibitions and parties. The celebrations culminate in the March of Diversity, which usually sees more than 10,000 people march in a parade in central Bucharest.

Europafest (July)

Europafest is an international music festival held each year in summer that brings together four music genres in one event: jazz, blues, pop and classical music. Local and international musicians descend on Bucharest to participate in concerts, workshops and cultural events in several venues across the city.

Bucharest International Film Festival (September)

Established in 2005, the Bucharest International Film Festival is a prestigious event showcasing the best in local and international independent films. The event sees 10 days of workshops and film screenings at several venues across the city.

George Enescu International Festival and Competition (September)

This classical music festival is held every two years in honour of the famous Romanian composer George Enescu. The festival is celebrated in cities across the country, but the main festivities are staged at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest. More than 3,000 local and international musicians converge in Bucharest for over 80 cultural and musical events.

Bucharest International Marathon (October)

The Bucharest International Marathon takes place in early October each year and sees almost 8,000 participants joining in for either the full or half marathon. There are also many more social and fun events, including a relay race as well as children’s races. The race starts at Izvor Park and finishes at Constitution Square in front of the Palace of Parliament in central Bucharest.