Lying in the south of Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, Seville is the capital of the region of Andalusia. Moving to this quintessential Spanish city comes with the promise of year-round warm weather, where expats can indulge in all things stereotypical of the country, from appetising tapas and vibrant festivals to folkloric flamenco music and dancing.

Whether relocating to work, study or retire, expats living in Seville will no doubt encounter a city bursting with culture and history, while offering a cosmopolitan feel. The centre is packed with medieval monuments and churches blessed with Moorish and Gothic influence. What’s more, an abundance of tapas bars, lively clubs and plenty of flamenco tablaos give foreigners a real chance to experience authentic Spanish life.

Seville is a prominent Spanish city and the locals remain proud of their traditional ways. The mid-afternoon siestas and the quiet Sundays may be a culture shock for some new arrivals. But expats will soon come to understand and embrace this lifestyle during summer when residents want nothing more than to escape the heat, which hovers around 40°C (100°F).

Expats considering making the move to work in Seville may need to accept that the salaries are generally less lucrative than in the Spanish capital, although the cost of living is also much lower. Young working professionals and students on a budget can find a range of affordable apartments around the city's neighbourhoods, while luxury, modern accommodation is also on offer.

Striving for innovation and avant-garde designs, Seville is an economic hub and there are job opportunities for architects and entrepreneurs. Many expats work as researchers or educators, teaching English as a foreign language. Given the noteworthy education sector, expat families can rest assured they will find a suitable Sevillian school for their children.

Despite being one of Spain’s largest cities, Seville maintains a university town feel where it's easy to make friends and meet people. While there are both pros and cons to moving here, this picturesque city, thanks to its friendly population, will soon have expats calling it home.