Address: 29th Street, Airport Road, Abu Dhabi
Telephone: +971 2 444 4333
Gender: Co-educational except for secondary which is gender-segregated
Teaching language: English
Curriculum: American and International Baccalaureate
Ages: 4 to 18


AISA was established to provide the local and expat residents of Abu Dhabi with a high-quality American education, based on American standards and an international curriculum. The school opened in 1995 with 519 students, and now has 1,400 students of more than 70 nationalities on the campus.

The school’s ethos is to produce reflective, responsible, independent and respectful students who possess strong global citizenship, integrity and an appreciation for lifelong learning. Through the school's academic and extracurricular programmes, they strive to provide a quality education that gives students the ability to reach their full potential, both academically and personally, and to make a worthwhile contribution to society.

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