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Moving to Hartford

Expats moving to Hartford will make their home in the capital of the state of Connecticut, nicknamed the “insurance capital of the world”. Founded in 1635, it is one of the oldest cities in the USA.

Located on the Connecticut River, at a more or less equal distance west of Boston and north of New York City, Hartford offers its inhabitants a city spirit without the drawbacks of congested neighbourhoods.

The city experiences a hot climate in summer and cool to cold weather in winter, making it an attractive destination for expats who enjoy outdoor activities. Expats moving to Hartford will enjoy the amazing seasons of New England: blossoming springs, warm summers, colourful falls and snow-white winters.

Hartford has an established public transport system consisting of buses and trains, making it easy and convenient to enjoy all the activities the city has to offer. Residents of all ages and interests can enjoy a lovely weekend downtown or in its surroundings.

There's plenty to see and do in Hartford, and history lovers will be enthralled with sites such as the Mark Twain House and Museum, the Old State House, and the Ancient Burying Ground. Outdoorsy expats can explore the city's many green spaces with a variety of activities available, from golfing in Keney Park to strolling through Elizabeth Park's lush rose gardens. 

The city is home to a number of esteemed schools and tertiary institutions, with a reputation for a good standard of education. Expats will have a variety of choice when it comes to choosing a school for their children. 

Education and Schools in Hartford

The Greater Hartford area is known for its high-quality school system. Many of the residential towns surrounding the capital display a wide range of public as well as private schools. These schools offer a safe environment, along with knowledgeable faculty, reliable staff, and strong academic and extra-curricular programmes. 

The school system is divided into the following:

  • Elementary school – kindergarten to grade 5

  • Middle school – grade 6 to grade 8

  • High school – grade 9 to grade 12

Public and private schools in Hartford

There are a number of good public schools in Hartford, including regular public schools as well as magnet schools and charter schools. These schools are free to attend, making them an appealing option. Some of Hartford's magnet schools offer the International Baccalaureate.

There are more than 100 private schools in Hartford, many of which offer education through a particular religious lens, most commonly Christianity. Others are based on an alternative education philosophy such as Montessori.

Further education in Hartford

Hartford and its suburbs are also rich in highly regarded public and private colleges and universities, including the University of Hartford and Trinity College. There are also world-renowned universities further afield in the larger state of Connecticut, including Yale and Wesleyan.